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Frosted and decorative Etch type films can transform an otherwise plain piece of glass into an attractive display. The film simulates Sandblasted or Etched Glass and is available in a variety of densities. Llumar NRM PS2 Frosted window film is very versatile film, available in a variety of sizes ranging from 36”, 48”, 60” and 72”. It has a frosted matte type finish. FTS Sandblast is one of the lighter films that look just like regular sandblasted glass. Frosted Glass is more of a medium-cut sandblast finish that has a very slight sparkle to it. Frosted Sparkle and Frosted Crystal have a ‘deeper-cut’ look with a little more sparkle. Frosted Gold and Frosted Blue have the same effect with the option of adding the color. These can be used in combination to provide a nice design pattern with a tone-on-tone effect. Other popular films include Rice Paper, Sagana, Rippled Water and Glue Chip.

Frosted and Sandblast films are very effective for letting a lot of natural light into an interior space while still providing privacy. The privacy level is determined by how much of the design is frosted or clear.

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Why Decorative Film?

There are times in a home or commercial office where you want the natural light that glass offers you but also need privacy. That’s where decorative film comes in. It can provide a visually pleasing look to your windows while still keeping a private workspace. Decorative films can be designed and installed in a variety of shapes, sizes and shades, due to computer systems that cut films to exact specifications. They are a less expensive alternative to etched glass, can be installed quickly and also reduce eye strain. Decorative films are able to be changed out easier than etched glass and also less likely to be a surface for smudges and fingerprints.

What Are the Benefits of Decorative Film?

Many decorative films offer the same UV protection that solar films have. With UV screening, these films can reduce the sun fading on fabrics like rugs and upholstery and can screen out a known cause of skin cancer by eliminating 99 percent of UV. In fact, certain disorders like lupus that are exacerbated by UV and blue light can be blocked with decorative film. Decorative films are installed with a strong adhesive to glass that make them less prone to shatter in cases of impact.


If the design has sharp points or corners, care should be taken when cleaning. Clean away from the points as opposed to wiping your cloth directly into a point. This will minimize the cloth catching a sharp point and causing it to snag on the cloth. Cleaning is easy with a soft cloth or paper towel, with a mild cleaning solution. Typical household window cleaners are fine.

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