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What Are Residential and Commercial Films?

These films are specifically designed to go on flat pieces of glass. This would be a window in homes or commercial buildings. Most Llumar flat-glass films are made of multiple layers of polyester with one or more micro-thin layers of metal between them; clear UV films would have no metallic layer. The type and amount of metal used determines the colour and reflectivity of the film. In some films, one or both layers of the polyester film may be dyed. Specialty films such as R-15 Grey, has a highly reflective side bonded to a neutral, non-reflective film. The Vista Ultima (V-14) also provides this effect. These films will provide the one-way mirror effect to give privacy for an office while still allowing you to look out. This effect is still very dependent on the amount of light on both sides of the glass. For example, it is similar to an interrogation room used by the police. The person being questioned is always in a well-lit room, while the witnesses are in a dark room. If the lighting is reversed, so is the effect. This is a natural law of reflectivity. Equal lighting neutralizes the effect and privacy level. While the R-15 Grey can only be used on interior windows that are not in direct sunlight, the Vista Ultima can at times be used on exterior windows.

Other Specialty films will provide absolute or passive privacy. These would include the Blackout (NRMM-PS3), Whiteout (NRMW-PS3), Bronze Matte (NRMB-PS2), and the most popular Frosted film (NRM PS2). While the Blackout film can be used on interior glass only, the rest can be used on exterior windows as well. The Frosted film can also be used to add a decorative touch by having designs or graphics cut into it. There are a number of films in this category that are shown on the Decorative page. The Frosted film is available in a variety of sizes (36”, 48”, 60” and 72”) so very large windows can be covered without having a seam.

At times the only solution is to apply a film to the exterior side of the glass. This may be because of interior structures in front of the glass, or a glass type that is not compatible with interior applied film. There are two types of exterior film. These are the NEX-1020 SR HPR and the RK-20 PS.

RK-20 PS is a Kynar based film. This differs from the typical polyester film. Kynar is an exterior grade product that will not break down under the severe weathering conditions. Durability is over ten years when properly cared for. As a scratch-resistant coating can not be applied to this product, care must be taken when cleaning it so as to not scratch the surface. Recommended cleaning procedure is to spray the window (not in direct sunlight) and let it dry. It is highly reflective silver, so the heat protection is excellent.

NEX 1020 SR HPR is a polyester film with a scratch-resistant coating. This is more neutral in colour, while still having good heat rejecting properties. Again, care should be taken when cleaning, but the scratch-resistant coating does help against premature scratching from day-to-day use. Durability is typically four to seven years.

The window film can dramatically cut the amount of solar heat passing through the glass and absorbs virtually all the ultraviolet (UV) light. As you can see in the graphic below, the film still lets in some or most of the visible light. Heat and UV are major causes of fabric fading, and UV can cause skin cancer.

With a Low “E” coating on the film, the interior heat is reflected back into the room, saving on heating energy.

1/8-inch(3mm) Single Pane Clear Glass Only
Visible Light Transmitted Visible Light Reflected - Ext Visible Light Reflected - Int Ultraviolet Rejected Shading Coefficient Solar Heat Reduction Glare Reduction Total Solar Energy Rejected
R-15G SR CDF (Gray) 7% 13% 13% 99% .29 71% 92% 75%
R-15BL SR PS (Blue) 11% 25% 25% 99% .29 71% 88% 75%
R-20 SR CDF (Silver) 18% 62% 62% 99% .24 76% 80% 79%
R-35 SR CDF (Silver) 28% 21% 21% 99% .36 64% 69% 68%
R-50 SR CDF (Silver) 49% 27% 27% 99% .53 47% 46% 54%
DR-15 SR CDF (Gray/Silver) 15% 37% 13% 99% .30 70% 83% 74%
DR-25 SR CDF (Gray/Silver) 22% 27% 13% 99% .41 59% 76% 65%
DR-35 SR CDF (Gray/Silver) 36% 19% 13% 99% .52 48% 60% 56%
E-1220 SR CDF (Silver) 13% 65% 65% 99% .24 76% 86% 79%
N-1050 SR CDF (Neutral) 50% 15% 15% 99% .64 36% 44% 45%
N-1056 SR CDF (Neutral) 71% 10% 10% 99% .82 18% 21% 29%
N-1020B SR CDF (Bronze) 21% 27% 27% 99% .26 74% 77% 77%
N-1035B SR CDF (Bronze) 38% 35% 35% 99% .43 57% 58% 62%
N-1050B SR CDF (Bronze) 55% 16% 16% 99% .57 43% 39% 51%
1/8-inch(3mm) Single Pane Clear Glass Only:
Visible Light Transmitted Visible Light Reflected - Ext Visible Light Reflected - Int Ultraviolet Refected Shading Coefficient Solar Heat Reduction Glare Reduction Total Solar Energy Rejected
NRM-PS2 (Frosty) 69% 20% 20% 99% .82 18% 23% 28%
NRMB-PS2 (Bronze) 36% 11% 11% 99% .69 31% 60% 39%
NRMM-PS3 (Black) 0% 13% 13% 99% .23 68% 100% 72%
NRMW-PS3 (White) 7% 58% 58% 99% .25 75% 92% 78%
RMS-PS2 (Silver) 16% 60% 60% 99% .24 76% 82% 79%
UV CL-SR PS (Clear) 84% 9% 9% 99.9% .99 1% 7% 14%
RK-20 PS (Silver) 18% 62% 62% 99% .23 77% 80% 80%
NEX 1020 SR HPR 24% 31% 31% 99% .43 57% 73% 63%

Llumar Window Film Warranties

All LLumar films carry an excellent factory-backed warranty against crazing, cracking, peeling, demetalization, and adhesive failure, when the film is properly installed by an authorized dealer. This covers replacement film and labour.

  • R-20, R-35, and R-50 Silver films; N-1020, N-1035, N-1050, and N-1065 Neutral films; and N-1020B, N-1035B, and N-1050B Bronze films — limited lifetime warranty for residential installations, or ten years for commercial installations.
  • E-1220 and E-1230 low-e films — seven years.
  • All NRM, RM, and UVCL films — five years.
  • R-20, R-35, and R-50 Silver; N-1020, N-1035, N-1050, and N-1065 Neutral; N-1020B, N-1035B, and N-1050B Bronze; NRM-PS2 Frosted; and NUV-65 Clear films — two-year warranty against thermal shock failure, and up to two years warranty against seal failure if the sealed unit is warranted by the original manufacturer when the film is installed. Glass breakage and seal failure insurance can be purchased for most other LLumar film installations.

Note: This is a summary only; for complete information, refer to the warranty forms issued by Eastman Window Film. We’ll be happy to supply a copy if you wish.


To check if your windows are dual or triple pane, hold a lighter or flashlight close to the glass. Count the reflections of light. For dual-pane you will see two distinct reflections, for triple-pane you will see three. As each side of the glass gives a reflection, don’t be concerned if you see a shadow reflection (for example four for a dual or six for a triple). This is valuable information to us if we have not come out for a site visit, as it will guide us to which types of films can be used on your windows. Call us for a visit.

For the do-it-yourself installer, please do not apply the darkest film available on your dual or triple-pane windows. Many films available at a local retailer are designed for automotive use on tempered glass. Applying such a film could cause your glass to fail prematurely. Ask a professional when selecting your film.

Looking for protection and safety in a film? Check out our security films.

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